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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

Tomorrow is Transparent

There’s been a really fabulous trend in retail packaging recently focused on transparency. From the way that consumers are learning about the products they purchase, to messaging in retail stores and on the product itself, we as consumers want immediate gratification in knowing everything we possibly can about a brand, what we’re going to purchase and what we’re wearing.

An example of a company providing this immediate consumer knowledge is Blue Bite. I saw their founder speak at a fashion event in February called Fashinnovation. The event is precisely what the name suggests (see: transparency in fashion!) - how the fashion world is intersecting with the tech world to, primarily, create more sustainable fashion and mitigate the fashion world’s contribution to climate change. Blue Bite is at the epicenter of creating a platform that educates the consumer on what they are buying. Their online platform allows a consumer to basically scan an article of clothing, accessory, shoes, etc. to learn about where the product was made, what the product is made of, what it’s end-of-life recyclability looks like, etc.

The example shown at the event was the creation of a chip in an Adidas shoe. In partnership with Parley, Adidas was seeking a way to educate their customers about ocean pollution and the company’s mission to reduce plastic waste. Using Blue Bite, they built a chip in the heel of the shoe, which when tapped would provide users with exclusive content and the ability to contribute to bringing an end to plastic waste pollution.

We are starting to see versions of this messaging in packaging as well. Reformation for example highlights on their garment bags “I AM A VEGETABLE”. The bag is 100% compostable, and it will disintegrate just like organic waste.

Outdoor Voices uses a simple reusable cotton tote that says on the outside “Technical Apparel for Recreation”. Without knowing what Outdoor Voices was, a passerby on the street might think the brand sells outdoor merchandise, but their bag serves as a walking ad for what they really are - a fashion company.

As the fashion world continues to evolve to consumer demands and interests, CPC looks forward to continuing to partner with brands to deliver their messaging in a cost effective and eco friendly way!

Photo Credits: Parley+Adidas; Reformation ; Outdoor Voices and Sharon


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