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With over six decades of packaging experience, the entire team at Commonwealth Packaging Company deeply understands the importance of packaging to your brand experience. Our dedicated customer service and sales teams will guide you throughout the entire packaging process – from design to delivery – and look forward to working with you on your packaging program soon!  

Design | Program Coordination

So many details go into creating a packaging program, from choosing the perfect shade of paper to the coordinated logistics necessary to get your packaging delivered to the right place, at the right time. That’s where Commonwealth Packaging (CPC) comes in.


Whether we are designing a program from scratch or working with an existing design, we partner with you and your team to develop packaging that meets your brand aesthetic and sustainability goals, while staying within your budget.


We draw on our 60+ years of packaging experience to advise on materials and design components, while ensuring that your product complements other items in your packaging suite. From shopping bags to shipping boxes, printed tissue to ribbon, sewn totes to garment bags, our mission is to provide our customers with a cohesive packaging experience that beautifully reflects your brand’s ethos.  

Purchasing & Sourcing

CPC has been manufacturing both domestically and overseas for over 60 years, and in that time we have developed deep and trusting relationships with our factory partners. We leverage our global manufacturing network to ensure that we present the most competitive costs while delivering high quality and innovative solutions.  

Production | QC | Management

Throughout the entire manufacturing process, we work closely with our production teams to ensure that your goods are manufactured in a timely manner, matching all approved pre-production samples. We also employ in-house and independent third party QC teams to ensure that products are produced to the absolute highest standards. 

Lorries Parked In Line


Our goal is to make the packaging process as easy for our customers as possible, and that means overseeing everything from production to delivery to your door. We work with the world's largest freight forwarders to uncover the best freight pricing available.


By managing the freight ourselves, we have constant visibility on all shipments and are able to continuously update our customers on the status of the shipment of their goods, whether they are leaving a production facility on the other side of the world or a printing facility just few miles away.  

Storage & Distribution

We realize that it often makes economic sense for customers to order in bulk to achieve more competitive pricing, yet many don’t have more than 80,000 square feet of warehouse space at their disposal.


We do, so we are pleased to offer bi-coastal storage, regular inventory management and distribution services to our customers. We leverage our domestic freight relationships to provide competitive pricing, whether we’re redistributing in bulk to another distribution center or shipping to hundreds of individual stores nationwide.

Packaging Factory
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