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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

The Proof is in The Packaging

Its physical nature not only represents what a brand stands for but it can, and should, be used as a vehicle to illustrate a brand’s sustainability mission.

Let’s dive into a few statistics that show what consumers are looking for today in the brands they support and how packaging comes into play:

What these statistics illustrate is that consumers believe their purchasing habits can have a positive impact on the environment, and so are more likely to buy from a brand who is transparent about their sustainability practices. So what can brands do to respond to this growing need from consumers?

*Statistics Cited from

1) Commit to making an investment in packaging that reflects your brand’s sustainability initiatives and overall brand ethos.

A fashion retailer that prides itself in using only organic materials or recycled materials but is sending their products in a non-recyclable virgin poly bag is sending incongruent messaging.

2) Highlight your eco-responsible packaging habits on social media and your website.

With 40% of consumers expressing that a brand’s messaging will encourage purchasing habits, it shows they are becoming increasing more thoughtful about their spending and may be more likely to research a brand’s practices in detail.

3) Use packaging as a vehicle to be transparent about the packaging itself and the brand’s sustainability missions.

Use QR codes on your packaging and/or direct, actionable language such as “Head to our website to learn more about how this packaging was made and how to recycle". Encourage consumers to highlight the brand’s transparency on social media which allows them to ‘virtue signal’ to their peers, enabling self-recognition of responsible actions.


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