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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

Simplifying Sustainability—

Sustainability is THE Buzzword around the retail and fashion world. Brands are changing the way they produce their products and reflecting on how consumers perceive their sustainability practices, which directly informs what types of packaging a brand chooses!

To help sift through all of the "sustainable" options out there, we put together a quick-and-easy guide following the mantra of "Reduce . Reuse . Recycle!" to help brands understand how to be the most environmentally friendly without complicating their packaging decisions too much.

Your Bin or Mine? Check out our globally certified solutions!

REDUCE: Cut down on the amount of packaging that is used or ideally, eliminate the remnants of the packaging altogether through home-compostable options. Here are 3 examples of products that, if composted properly, will breakdown the materials back into soil!

Be kind to the environment and market your brand, one re-use at a time!

REUSE: Use reusable washable products (such as cotton) that may be re-used again and again. Cotton is a great option because it is grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers and can be made in many weights that allow for the utmost durability.

Haven't We Met Before? Re-introduce previously used plastics in an innovative way!

RECYCLE: Use recycled materials whenever possible—recycled plastics and recycled paper can easily be incorporated into new packaging programs!

Don't fall off the Curb!

Make sure that your recyclable packaging doesn't end up in a landfill!

RECYCLE: Use materials that can be recycled at home or curbside. Check out our complete guide below for tips on how to create curbside recyclable packaging!


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