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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

We're Spilling the Tea—On Sustainability!

Sometimes you may think your packaging is totally recyclable, but depending on where you live, the finishes on the products may be deemed NOT recyclable. We know this may be a bummer, so we’ve got you covered with RECYCLABLE LAMINATION. This film ensures that your products are totally curbside recyclable, and your product quality won’t be sacrificed at all! Check out our bags for Cast Jewelry with recyclable lamination on their exquisite luxury shopping bags and Bondi Sushi, who used recyclable lamination on their VIP Luxe Boxes.

We’ve talked about RPET before, and we will keep talking about it! RPET—Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (recycled plastics) is a fantastic solution for reusable totes. These bags come in a variety of substrates and are great for all types of brands and industries.

Elevate your paper bags in an eco-way with PAPER TEXTILE HANDLES! These are handles spun out of paper into a fabric-like material. Great for luxury fashion brands, jewelry, menswear and more. Paper handles enable complete recyclability so you don’t have to remove them before tossing your bag in the recycling bin.

Plastic containers are often used for takeout because of food safety concerns. But, they are a huge contributor to landfill waste. We offer food grade coating on our takeout packaging to ensure that your takeout is safe in a paper based material. Remember to match your containers with a paper takeout bag for a totally branded guest experience!

Now that we’ve spilled “the tea” on all things Sustainability, let’s get together and create some packaging to talk about!


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