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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

Shhhh! Quiet (Packaging) Luxury Tips



The timeless and classic SAKS FIFTH AVENUE coordinated jewelry program epitomizes quiet luxury. Minimal color palette, clean-iconic logo, streamlined box structures and a soft touch finish on each box are some of the key design features that make this packaging program luxurious without being over-the-top.



REBECCA TAYLOR is known for colors, prints and playfully structured clothing, but the packaging is as low-key luxury as it gets! The pink color and handle materials are subtle yet lovely. The tucked in handles allow for a streamlined and clean finished look, and the heavy paper used to make the bags embodies sophistication. When combined, these design details communicate luxury in a quiet way!



BLUE NILE'S packaging features luxurious design details without being too showy, quite the accomplishment for a luxury jewelry brand! The packaging is elevated with a unique portfolio-box structure, but by keeping the colors simple and the central ring box embellished only with textured paper – this program nails the quiet luxury aesthetic!



Looking for a Quiet Luxury e-commerce option? Here's a preview of some of our favorite shipping boxes that are meeting the trend.

Looking to create some quietly luxurious packaging for your brand? We'd love to help!


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