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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

POWERFUL Packaging

Now more than ever, we need happiness and cheer! The news today certainly isn’t going to bring us joy, but we believe that’s where retail therapy (and colorful packaging) comes in!

There’s a reason brands choose certain colors to reflect their identity. Sometimes the reason that a brand affiliates with a certain color is simply to make a logo or storefront pop. But more often than not, a brand’s choice of colors are intended to make us, the consumer, feel a certain way and influence how we feel about the brand. 

That's where packaging comes in! A brand’s packaging program isn't just a vessel to take home your purchase or ship you your online order—it's a visual tool to make you feel a certain way and to further identify with the brand. Color choices in packaging are very strategic and all about tapping into emotions. Let's take a closer look at some of CPC’s favorite packaging projects that boldly use color to communicate their brand ethos. HICKEY FREEMAN'S golden yellow box feels deluxe with its rich matte texture and substantial structure. The color yellow is associated with positivity and friendliness (think classic smiley face). The luxe texture and sunny color come together to evoke pure indulgent happiness, exactly what a customer should feel when encountering a fine tailored suit, and something we all need more than ever lately! BLUE NILE is the epitome of using the power of color to personify a brand. From the very name to the deep blue velvet interiors of their jewelry packaging, the color blue is top of mind. Blue is often connected with the sky and seas, a feeling of harmony and calm and trust, and hopefully (like the ocean) an endless life together with your loved one!

PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART has chosen a warm-hearted red that is a compelling backdrop to its clean modern logo. The red museum shop bag feels iconic and energetic at the same time. In color psychology red is the most intense color and produces the strongest emotions—just as fine art does to its viewers. And, like the classic color red, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a classic example of a world-renowned art institution. It is well respected and beloved by its patrons. 

SAM EDELMAN'S use of bright neon green is bold, spirited and playful just like the shoe line itself. The color green is often linked with health and vitality all things that speak authentically to this brand's younger demographic. The choice of neon evokes fearlessness in attitude and is very eye-catching on the street. Even while walking down a busy SOHO street in New York, you won’t be able to miss this Sam Edelman bag!

SPHERA MILANO is a fashion jewelry brand that has chosen a variety of palette of colors that work beautifully together! From a pale baby pink to a deep forest green their packaging exemplifies the variety of styles (and price points) that the brand offers.


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