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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

You Can't Handle This!

. . . but seriously can you HANDLE how beautiful these bags are???

One of the most overlooked but easy-to-enhance design features of a shopping bag are its HANDLES. From the material, to the thickness, to how the handles are attached to the bag, handles can come in so many variations, each of which are equally important to the final product.

So, join us in a quick exploration of the handles we can't get enough of and the design details that make shopping bags so memorable!

These custom dyed handles couldn't be any sweeter! With a subtle sheen and wide handles tucked into the turn top, the handles on the Rebecca Taylor shopping bags exude sophisticated sweetness!

Another bag with tucked in (or knotless handles), this twisted rope handle for Kneedler Faucherer adds a regal design element to the rich hued shopper.

Yes, you heard us right! These handles are made of paper, making the bag completely recyclable. We love the thickness of the handle and the flat weave design, allowing the bags to be sturdy enough to carry our gorgeous Cast jewelry clutches.

Matching a handle to a pop of color in a logo is a simple, effective and memorable way to enhance a minimalist bag. Kerri Rosenthal's yellow handle is cheerful, sunny and the perfect complement to her trademark "drippy heart" icon.

So the next time you pick up a shopping bag, take a look at the handles.

We bet you'll notice beauty where you never saw it before!


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