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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

The Wrap on Holiday Packaging

It’s hard to believe the end of summer is essentially here, which in the packaging world means it’s time to plan for the holidays! And, because this holiday season is going to be oh-so-special after so many loved ones weren’t able to celebrate together last year, we want to make sure that your packaging is oh-so-memorable.

So, we've put together an easy guide for planning your holiday packaging here:

HOLIDAY CHEER: We understand that doing a total holiday themed undertaking of your packaging program may not make sense for just a few months of the year, instead we recommend considering branded packaging accessories: think seasonally-themed packing tape or stickers for your e-commerce shipments; holiday branded tissue and wrapping paper or themed ribbon to tie a shopping bag together for when you walk out of a store!

WATCH THE CLOCK: As you may have heard or are experiencing first hand yourself, there’s a bit of a delay in shipments coming from overseas factories which in turn

is impacting domestic manufacturing as well. So, while it might seem early, now is the time to plan out your holiday packaging to make sure you have it in time for the holidays! We manufacture goods both domestically and overseas, so we can work with you and your team to determine the best production plan for your goods.

RECYCLING IS THE HOLIDAY HERO: The holidays always result in a lot of waste, so we like to do our part by encouraging recyclable, biodegradable and compostable products. Simply branded kraft paper bags and boxes are economical and recyclable, and are a lovely way to add holiday cheer to your program. This coordinated suite for Van Boven, an upscale men's boutique in Ann Arbor, features apparel boxes, shopping bags, tie boxes and shirt sleeves all of which are curbside recyclable. Van Boven kept the same packaging products for the holiday season but changed their standard logo to feature a holiday-themed tree design against red backgrounds!

Not sure where to start in designing your holiday packaging?

Give us a call, we’d love to work with you in bringing your packaging dreams to life!


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