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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

The Perfect Outfit

It's Finally Fall!

After the heat of summer, we love Fall because it’s the best time to put together a coordinated outfit. From a blazer to a sweater, great pants and cute shoes, there’s nothing better than the finished look of a thoughtfully put-together outfit.

So, what better time to feature some of our favorite coordinated PACKAGING OUTFITS. These are the packaging programs that incorporate all of the little details that make the look complete: from the shopping bag to the accessory box, to a hanging garment bag to a shipping box, these programs get an A+ for tying their outfits together!


~Le Labo~

The Le Labo packaging program is the perfect display of cohesive but not matching. The two sizes of shopping bags feature the same art, while the rest of the program showcases different sketches of products, imagery and typography. The signature brand-motif throughout can be found in the use of kraft paper + black distressed ink across all of their packaging items, and when all these pieces come together, you get a serious Packaging Outfit!


Who doesn’t love a matching outfit! Mizzen+Main went a different direction with their packaging – clean, crisp and matching! Every item features their signature navy blue + white printing. The exterior of every packaging piece showcases the bold “Mizzen+Main” logo with their tag line “Good Day For It” as secondary copy, either on the inside of boxes, turntop of shopping bags, or on their hanging garment bags. While putting together this “Packaging Outfit” can be tricky with the same PMS color used across different substrates (or materials), the Mizzen+Main program comes together flawlessly, creating a signature, coordinated brand experience.


Need a Packaging Stylist to help you pull together the perfect outfit?

We promise you'll get a call back from a real live person to discuss your packaging needs—we take customer service very seriously and want to get to know you!


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