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The Details are the DESIGN

A guest post from packaging wizard Kris Cardene. With years of experience in all phases of packaging design and manufacturing, Kris highlights a few simple yet important factors to consider when designing your packaging.

When considering the development or redesign of a packaging program, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

COLOR—you will want to choose a color that is visually appealing to your target customer.

SIZE—The bag or box should fit the item(s) you are selling without a lot of excess room. Most retailers choose to have several sizes of bags and boxes.

IMPRINT—This is free advertising for your company. Make the imprint interesting and make sure your company name or logo is prominent. Reusable bags make sure your name is seen everywhere your customers go.

SUSTAINABILITY—Commonwealth Packaging is FSC Chain of Custody certified. This enables us to provide planet-friendly, reusable bags and boxes at a reasonable cost.

COST—When choosing your packaging, we realize cost plays a major role in that choice. We do all we can to keep the cost reasonable yet provide a beautiful, functional packaging program. In order to keep the cost down, consider ordering a year’s supply at a time. The higher the quantity ordered the lower the per piece price. If storage space is a concern, CPC offers free warehousing for a year.

FINISHING TOUCHES—Don’t forget to add the finished touches like ribbon, tissue and labels to your packaging.

From bags and boxes to poly mailers and tissue, the details matter.


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