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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

I'll Take that (Beautiful Bag) To-Go!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Naturally, we’ve always been fans of memorable hospitality packaging. There’s just something extra nice about leaving a restaurant, café or coffee shop with a great looking to-go bag (or box). Not only is it a lovely experience for the patron, but it serves as walking marketing for the restaurant itself.

Enter 2020, and to-go packaging has taken on a whole new level of importance. With restaurants across the country having been closed for dine-in eating for months, customers have relied on takeout (and of course lots of at-home cooking) for their primary meal source.  Social media is flooded with photos of the places people are ordering takeout from and the packaging it comes in! If you can’t take a picture of a perfectly plated meal to capture your dining experience, the next best thing is to snap a photo of the beautiful bag or box your food came in!

The common misconception is that anything beyond a brown kraft paper bag is going to be a huge investment. However, the truth is that there are so many ways to elevate your hospitality packaging and still keep costs reasonable, which is more important than ever for the restaurant and hospitality industry. 

To further dispel the myth, we are highlighting two of our packaging partners who have taken their “takeout” packaging to the next level in stylish yet economical ways. 

Stephen Starr’s contemporary french eatery in NYC has blended a beautiful color palette of pale neutrals with varied textures as the basis of their take-away packaging. La Mercerie utilizes paper brilliantly in their program: using paper handles is a unique touch for a “to-go” bag, and their tri-fold shape further adds a unique level of thoughtfulness and differentiation. The crisp bordered edge of the boxes elegantly announce that something fantastic will be found inside. The overall design approach is focused and clean, highlighting their Retro-French logo on each item, creating a subtle yet sophisticated coordinated program that successfully reflects the attitude of their brand.


• Kraft Shopping Bags with Trifold Paper Handles and Printed Interior Bottom Boards in 2 sizes

• Ribbon Hinged Rigid Board Boxes in 2 sizes

• Custom Printed White Glassine Pastry Bags in 4 sizes

• Custom Printed Food Service Tissue

P.S. & Co, a rustic-chic plant based café in Philadelphia has taken a standard corrugated box, added a single brilliant color, matte lamination and spot UV varnish to create a swoon-worthy cake box. When it comes to take-out bags, there are two options: a bright-striped Euro Shopper with a larger base to fit their full-size cake boxes and a standard recycled Kraft paper bag with twisted paper handles. The use of the same print and printing techniques on the Euro Shopper and the cake box create a cheery and memorable unboxing experience...with a delicious treat inside! The contrast of the recycled Kraft to-go bag alongside the bright golden stripe of the boxes make this program a visual standout and perfectly embodies the vibe of the brand. We also love the messaging at the bottom of the Euro Shopper. Just when you think the packaging program is complete, this hidden messaging leaves a final lasting impression. 


• Recycled Natural Kraft Take-out Bag

• Euro Shopper Cake Bag to Fit Large Cake Box with Printed Interior and Printed Bottom Board

• Corrugated Cake Box with Matte Lamination and Spot UV in 2 sizes

When creating custom hospitality packaging, it’s important to remember that memorable doesn’t necessarily mean elaborate and expensive. For La Mercerie, the use of a subtle color palette and different materials with consistent branding makes their packaging program a beautiful representation of their restaurant. For P.S. & Co, their bright and sunny stripes convey a cause of celebration and happiness—just what we all need right now! 


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