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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

Easy Enhancements that Instantly Elevate Packaging

Custom packaging is a world of it’s own! There are endless options to choose from when it comes to selecting size, structure, color, texture, etc. Here are 4 quick and easy enhancements that will add instant style to your packaging program without breaking the bank!

1) OVERALL EMBOSSING! Did you know that you can emboss a shopping bag, a gift box or any paper product with a 100% embossing technique. There are thousands of patterns to choose from – animal print, linen, stripes, the list is goes on and on. Embossing applications make a paper product feel textured, almost as if a fabric was used instead of paper. Here’s an example of our bag for Ministry of Supply which has been enhanced with embossing.

2) Speaking of textures, add a “SOFT TOUCH” LAMINATION to your product. Soft touch lamination mimics the feeling of a very subtle suede. It immediately conveys an attitude of luxury and lasting memorability. You can add soft touch to nearly anything – hangtags, stickers, paper bags, gift boxes. Our boxes for Carbon38 use soft touch lamination to exude a sleek and modern vibe that is indicative of their brand.

3) Everyone knows (and either loves or hates) crinkle wrap! Don’t get us wrong, crinkle wrap is a great way to protect the precious contents of your package and make for a fun (albeit sometimes messy) unboxing experience. But there are so many other STYLISH VOID FILL options available that are equally protective, eco-friendly and stylish – Spiropack and Honeycomb Wrap to name a few! Photos

4) We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: WE LOVE BELLY BANDS! Seasonal or thematic, belly bands are a terrific way to customize a gift box. They allow you flexibility and thoughtful branding with the advantage of continual band changes while keeping the primary piece – your gift box – static! This box from our client Ella Paradis is the perfect example: they utilize two seasonal belly bands on their classic white box to instantly transform the gift into holiday perfection.


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