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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

Where Would We Be Without You?

It’s the season of giving thanks and celebrating, and so we can’t help but reflect on how grateful we are to work with so many amazing brands, many of which we have partnered with for decades on their packaging! So, we want to take this time to highlight some of those retailers and hospitality brands that have been with us for years, and have trusted us in creating special and memorable packaging experiences for their customers.

Our North STARR

Headquartered in Philadelphia with over 35 restaurants spanning across the country (and Paris!), Commonwealth Packaging has been working with STARR Restaurant Organization for over 15 years. We are so grateful for STARR’s trust in us to be creative and adventurous in making packaging that reflects each of their restaurants uniquely – ranging from thoughtfully designed takeout bags to luxury takeout cake boxes, to sushi bento boxes and one-of-a-kind burrito holders.

TIMELESS Packaging

Always at the forefront or reusability and fine craftsmanship, Shinola Detroit continues to lead the watch – and now jewelry and handbag industry – in thoughtful design and ingenuity. We are so thankful that we have had the opportunity to work with them on executing these values in their packaging. From their iconic wooden watch box, to experimenting with depth and texture in their ancillary jewelry packaging, we are grateful to partners like Shinola Detroit for trusting us in their packing execution.

BLUE Skies Ahead!

Now with over 150 stores nationwide, we are so appreciative to have started with Blue Mercury when they were 1 store in Ardmore, PA. Nowadays it’s rare to walk down the street without seeing the now well-known Blue Mercury reusable tote bag, and we love how the trademark use of light and navy blues spans across their packaging into paper shopping bags, luxury gift boxes, and beyond. We want to thank Blue Mercury for their longstanding partnership and trust, and for letting us tag along on their incredible journey to make their clients look and feel good!

To our hundreds of other packaging partners – we thank you for letting us be part of your brand experience – and look forward to many more years of working with you on creating beautiful packaging!


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