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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman

This is a song about COLORS

COLORS—So much more than parts of the rainbow or waxy sticks that take up space in a Crayola Box. Colors are vehicles that make us feel a certain way and leave memorable impressions behind.

For this reason, colors used in packaging are very intentional and selected to illustrate the ethos of a brand. Let's take a closer look at packaging that successfully uses color to express its vibe—

DESIGN WITHIN REACH is a modern home furnishings store featuring furniture, lighting and accessories. Red, often used to communicate Richness, Energy, Love and Passion, are all feelings and emotions that go into designing a home, and so the bright red used in their reusable tote is a perfect compliment to the brand's spirit.


VAN BOVEN is an Ann Arbor based men's boutique featuring stylish-upscale apparel. Navy Blue is a timeless illustration of Authority, Power and Importance, and is completely fitting as the signature color for Van Boven's packaging. From their shirt and tie boxes to their shopping bags, the consistent use of the color navy emotes elegance and sophistication—exactly what Van Boven sells!


PS & CO is Philadelphia's only 100% organic, plant-based, gluten-free café. Their yellow-striped cake bag is the perfect example of PS & Co's overall vibe—a sunny disposition of Health, Vitality, and Positivity. We love how the yellow stripes are used not just on the exterior of the packaging, but the interior as well, ultimately drawing your eye to their meaningful message at the bottom of the bag.


MORIMOTO —Masaharu Morimoto's flagship restaurant serves as a showcase for the world-renowned chef's exhilarating cuisine in an ultra-modern setting. The décor of the restaurant feels futuristic, featuring cutting edge furniture and constantly changing lights. The choice of a translucent-white, frosted bag is cool and minimal—a seamless extension of the chic interior that brings the energy of the restaurant home with the patron.


NATURAL KRAFT —With an increasing emphasis on "eco-friendly" packaging, many brands are embracing natural kraft as the color of choice for their packaging to eliminate any questions about whether or not a product is recyclable. For this reason, the "kraft" color is now synonymous with sustainability and sustainable practices, and is becoming more and more embraced by retailers and hospitality brands.


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