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  • Sydney Maisel-Straitman


Hi, my name is Sydney and I’m the newest team member of Commonwealth Packaging. While I joined professionally only a few months ago, I’ve literally grown up with CPC. My grandparents started this business and my Dad and Uncle took the reins in the 90’s when I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, whenever I would go shopping with my parents we would look at the bottom of a shopping bag to see who made it. When those times revealed a CPC logo, I would swell with pride. I grew up with the terms “high and low density plastic” and “kraft paper bag with twisted handle”. While the industry has changed dramatically, such as being focused on sustainable materials and the unboxing experience, it’s pretty amazing that now I’m the one selling the bags (and the boxes, and pouches, and printed tissue).

I share all of this on the heels of returning from my first “show” where we displayed our packaging for 15,000 conference attendees. This was our first year attending the Adobe Max Creativity Conference in LA and it was wonderful to see so many design professionals come by our booth just to admire our packaging. When we’d ask them if they had any questions, they’d genuinely smile and say “this is all so beautiful. . . I just love packaging so much”. 

I can’t take credit (yet) for the work on display—that credit goes to our awesome sales team. But I couldn’t help feeling truly proud about how far this company has come since 1959, when my entrepreneurial grandparents boldly started this business in their basement. What began as a two-person show has grown into an international company with one of the most creative packaging teams in the field. I'M SO GLAD TO BE A PART OF IT.


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